The MHRD has recently introduced an India-specific ranking framework for educational institutions in India, based on five broad parameters—teaching and learning resources, research, professional performance and collaborative practice, graduation outcome, outreach and inclusivity and perception.

NIRF is an honest attempt to rank engineering, management, pharmacy, architecture, universities and college falling under the two categories of ‘research & teaching’ and ‘teaching only’. The only difference between the two categories is the weightage given to the parameters.

Indian top universities and institutes do not figure in the world’s top 100 list of reputable universities like Times Higher Education Ranking, QS Ranking or Shanghai Ranking and as the Honorable President of India rightly said, “India cannot aspire to be a world power without having a single world-class university.”

NIRF is a step in the MHRD’s pipeline of reforms that has the latent capacity to transform India’s higher education landscape in a calibrated manner, meeting national, regional and global institutional aspirations.

In stroking a spirit of genuine academic competition within the country, NIRF intends to improve the quality of higher education in India and thereby to improve the international competitiveness.

To conclude, NIRF is a National Initiative with an international motive. As a support for this great initiative Eloit Innovations has released CREDISAPP – NIRF RANK OPTIMIZER software to help institution to gather data, calculate score and perform a gap analysis.