How do you increase the visibility of your institution and hence the admissions?

Organise your admission process in one place using Admisapp


Admissions at education institutions is the busiest period in academic calendar. Lot of students and parents are also going through this toughest part once in a year. What makes the admission process so tough for staff, parents and students?

Procedures, application forms, fee payments, selection criteria, interview and final selection are different for each institutions. For staff it is their duty to distribute application forms for different category and course, collect the application fees, file received applications, verify documents and initiate selection process. Once the selection process is started they have to communicate with each selected students for their admission interview. After the interview another filtering will happen based on student’s performance and academic history. To make the process well organised and streamlined a group of dedicated staff must work around the clock.

For students and parents they must search and find out preferred courses and providers, then they get in to application process. To apply for a particular course they have to approach individual colleges, fill up different application forms and make fee payments using different methods as instructed by the institution. The amount of time, money they spent and stress they are going through during the admission process is unimaginable. The process also affects prospective students of the institution who are coming from different countries.

As the Innovators in the field of education, Eloit is now taking a step further in the admission process with ADMISAPP the complete admission process automation system. Admisapp is the digital door to your institution which opens up the solutions to the limitations and difficulties associated with traditional admission process. Admisapp vanishes the geographic barriers of the admission process and hence make the institution visible to many more prospective students.

Automate the Admission Process

Admisapp integrates possibilities of cloud technology and reach of internet with admission process. It is the time to break the traditional admission process with an innovative technology which makes the life simple for students, parents and staff. Admisapp automates application, fee payment, selection and admission, hence reduces the total spent of institutions in the admission process.

Make Your Own Application Forms

Admisapp facilitates institutions to design their custom application forms and define criteria for admissions. And these customs application forms will be made available to students through the institution website. Student who wish to apply in that particular institution can fill up the form, upload documents and make the application fee payment through our secured payment gateway before final submission.

Manage Applications Online

Using Admisapp it is very easy to list all the applications received and check it for approval. Like printed application forms institutions don’t need a group of people to manage online applications, fee payments and application approvals. A single person can manage a large number of applications online and only the forms of selected candidates need to be printed out. So Admisapp saves time, money, effort and trees.

Same Key for Multiple Doors

When student uses Admisapp for the first time, an Admisapp account will be created. The same account can be used by the student to apply on different institutions which are equipped with Admisapp. This helps students to avoid multiple entry of the same data while applying in different institutions.

Complete Admission App

All components, requirements and procedures related to admission process are coded in the Admisapp. And all the features made institution friendly and customisable. Simple process flow digestible for both students and institutions make it easier to configure, utilize and manage accounts. Students use Admisapp for college search, application submission, payment and status tracking. Institutes can use Admisapp for configuring courses and batches, managing applications for each courses, application progress tracking, student data management, interview, prioritisation, selection and admission.

Apply From Anywhere

Admisapp creates an online front office for admissions of education institutions. It is possible for students from any geographical locations can apply in any particular institution integrated with Admisapp. By using Admisapp institutions don’t have to demand physical presence of students for admission process, which increases the possibility of more and more application submissions from different parts of the world.