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As a part of Eloit Workshop and Learning Series (EWLS), we have conducted workshops from November 2015 till January 2016 in all major cities of the country on Ranking Systems of Higher Education Institutes and more specifically on the NIRF – National Institutional Ranking Framework, launched by the MHRD, Govt of India in October 2015. More than 400 institutes including IIT’s, NIT’s, renowned universities and top colleges were participated in the massive and first of its kind movement in India.During these workshops, based on suggestions and requests from our various participating institutes, we have come up with first of its kind NIRF process supporting software called CREDISAPP NIRF Rank Optimizer. This software analyses the data entered by the institutes to calculate their indicative scores, perform gap analysis and helps to publish the data in the institution website in a single click. The software saves lot of time and removes confusion about the total points that can be scored by the institute with its current academic infrastructure.

Highlights of NIRF Rank Optimizer

  • Import data directly from XML file
  • Check your indicative scoresn
  • Identify areas of improvement and take action to improve your ranking
  • Manage each Parameter and Sub- Parameter
  • Track progress of the process
  • Generate a PDF/MS WORD/MS EXCEL report and verify all contents
  • Publish the relevant data straight to your website via web link
  • Download the data in PDF format and upload to your website
  • and many more

More than 300 institutes across the country are already using this, including some of the IIT’s and NIT’s among some other prominent names.


Points on each parameters and sub parameters will be calculated automatically as you enter the data in to the NIRF Rank Optimizer. It is made possible by inbuilt score calculator mechanism designed on the basis of guidelines from NIRF.


You can directly import the XML file generated from the NIRF Excel Utility to the NIRF Rank Optimizer, saving you time for data double entry. You will be able to see the score as soon as you upload the .xml file.


It is also possible to enter data in to the NIRF Rank Optimizer via our web interface. You can enter data directly for each of the parameters and sub parameters at your convenient time from anywhere.


You will be able to edit the data entered / uploaded in the NIRF Rank Optimizer at any time from any device.


We have added the 256 bit SSL encryption security to the portal giving you the best security and encryption.


It is now so easy to see the scoring breakups on each parameters and its sub parameters by using the scoring module.


Do ou want to publish the data entered in NIRF Rank Optimizer in your website? No worries just embed the Web Publish Link from the NIRF Rank Optimizer in your website, so easy!!


Clickable score board placed in the Home Screen with easy navigation between parameters and sub parameters.


Do you need a hard copy of the data submitted? It is easy to export the data in PDF format from NIRF Rank Optimizer for future reference, data verification and documentation.


The validated data report of your institution can also have a web page view, which is more professional looking as well as interactive.


Instruction on score calculations & data capturing is included in the NIRF Rank Optimizer to make the application user friendly.

It was an urgent requirement that the network we have created among hundreds of institution need a platform to share their questions and solutions on the NIRF process. Under the uncertainty of NIRF process we have designed an open forum for the stakeholders of NIRF, to access all the available information about NIRF, share their concerns, questions and views. Hundreds of registration and frequent visits to the forum shows its success and proves that it was a need of the hour.

nirf forum