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CBSE School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA) process was never been so easier!

Get Accredited using Credisapp SQAA


Education plays a vital role in the development of any nation. Therefore, there is a premium on both quantity (increased access) and quality (relevance and excellence of academic programmes offered) of higher education. Like in any other domain, the method to improve quality remains the same. Finding and recognizing new needs and satisfying them with products and services of international standards. Accreditation brings standard, respect and reputation to educational institutions. The accreditation body defines guidelines, practices and procedures to get accredited. CBSE has made it mandatory that all the affiliated schools must have SQAA.

The process of accreditation involves different group of people, different tasks, different end results and merging reports from different peers. So the hassles involved in managing different groups, distributing and managing tasks and collecting and sorting reports manually, are very huge. People find it very hard to get around the accreditation process by managing their academic duties and accreditation duties simultaneously.

Keeping track of all the information and evidence related to institution, staff, facilities, committees, events, domains and surveys, require relentless effort and dedicated human resources. Balancing day to day activities and accreditation workflow is nearly impossible in traditional ways. Redundancy of information, documents and procedures require complex, hard to follow dedicated systems and time sharing strategies to overcome the bottlenecks.

Eloit Innovations introduces CREDISAPP SQAA – the first software application in India, to automate CBSE SQAA accreditation process


CREDISAPP builds up the institution profile in hierarchical structure to support the end reports generated for the SQAA accreditation in the format supported by CBSE. Institution profile also handles information about the academics (Courses and Departments), Library, Human Resources and other facilities of the institution. And this information is instantly updated in various parts of the report, and any change you made in these sections using CREDISAPP will be reflected in the entire report, in no time.


Whenever committee members need to gather for a meeting, administrator will be able to schedule meetings, create agendas and send invitations (email & SMS) and even reminders to committee members. If the committee decided to assign specific tasks to different members, CREDISAPP lets you do that and the committee in charge will be able to track the progress of assigned tasks. And once you finish with the meeting, CREDISAPP gives option to prepare minutes after entering particulars of each discussion item.


There is list of parameters known as domains using which the points are calculated for each institution and there are sub domains and sub-sub- domains which contributes to the total marks as we go deep in to it. CREDISAPP arranges the Domains, Sub – Domains and Sub – Sub – Domains in a simple hierarchy and lets users to easily navigate through the system and mark their preferred answers. Marks to each questions are preloaded in the system according to CBSE norms and based on the answers you select CREDISAPP will calculate the total points for each domains. The application also provides an info panel on each domain pages to make users understand the workflow.


CREDISAPP helps not only to manage staff information but also equips the institution to use the staff data in different area of the report without having multiple entries and reference lookups. CREDISAPP eliminates the complications in report making related to adding, removing or changing employee details.


CREDISAPP facilitates and supports basic committees for the SQAA accreditation process. Once the staff data has been created, it is very easy to create committees and manage committees by adding members to it. These committees will be the key in carrying out the activities associated with the accreditation in their institutes.


Create group or individual tasks, assign & track progress and meet deadlines made very practical and professional by CREDISAPP. User friendly communication technologies like email and SMS are integrated with CREDISAPP, which enables single casting, broadcasting and internal messaging to speed up the workflow.


Institutions find it very hard to manage evidence documents and pictures associated with each domain in the SQAA accreditation process. Enclosing evidence details in each domain sections of the SQAA report is a painful task and file these evidences to disclose during inspection by SQAA authority is another challenging task. CREDISAPP equip users to upload evidence files associated with each domains from their desktop and mobile application. The file names will be reflected on the evidence section of each domainin the report. On top of that CREDISAPP stores and displays all the documents and photos uploaded in the section called document center, which enables the users to track and edit evidence files.


Survey for students, staffs and parents are an integral part of the SQAA accreditation process. Traditional survey methods are unreliable and time consuming and it is quite difficult to gather information in time and make a detailed statistics for the report. CREDISAPP is loaded with survey questionnaires for different categories and can be distributed online though institution website. The survey result can be directly captured by CREDISAPP and creates interactive analytic reports bases on questions and category. CREDISAPP analytics incorporate tables, charts and graphs.


It is quite natural that institutions spent lot of money in software applications and it becomes a complete loss and they feel like the software doesn’t serve their purposes, since the software is not being properly used. But our Dedicated Account Managers for CREDISAPP applications eliminates these concerns by providing the luxury of weekly follow up by an expert advisor in accreditation processes and Eloit accreditation technologies. Accounts Manager will make sure each our client uses the software in the proper way and helps the institution to get accredited with the help of CREDISAPP applications.


CREDISAPP is a cloud based software with anywhere and anytime access. The freedom and flexibility of cloud technology helps us to keep the application up to date with the norms of Accreditation Body, which makes it adaptable to the dynamic changes in the education sector.


CREDISAPP has an informative dashboard which shows the progress of the institution towards accreditation and what percentage of information is gathered in each domain. This dashboard also displays assigned tasks to each users and notifications, reminders for meetings.


CREDISAPP access control mechanism facilitates the administrator in controlling the access of application features while sharing the workflow with others. Easy to use administration panels and simple administration procedures makes the application widely accepted among institutions with less tech-aware staffs.